The Swatch Flymagic Watches.

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When deciding how to best launch its new paramagnetic Nivachron hairspring, Swatch chose its new Flymagic watch line with which to do the unveiling. Flymagic has the new balance spring, and finely finished components along with a skeleton hear train, all of which is visible from the watch face. It is all easily seen through the transparent rotor. This is the first time a reversal has been done with a Swatch watch, and another cool feature is the seconds hand operates backwards.

The Swatch Flymagic watch, being the first to integrate its Nivachron balance spring, has the spring which is made from a titanium alloy possessing amazing paramagnetic properties. The magnetic fields which exist all around us naturally, can have a real impact on mechanical watch movements, and their ability to perform correctly. The Nivachron spring helps reduce the impact of the magnetic fields by a factor of ten, depending upon which movement the spring is operating within. The Swatch CEO, Nick Hayek Jr. announced the launching of the Nivachron, and is extremely proud that the component is 100% made in Switzerland.

In addition to being paramagnetic, the spring is less sensitive to temperature than most springs, and is quite good at resisting shock. So in the future the plan is to have the component inside all Sistem51 watch models. These new Swatch Flymagic watches were launched with three variants. Each variant is limited to 500 pieces. Each variant has a case that measures in at 45 millimeters in diameter, and are either done in stainless steel, of stainless with a PVD coating. These watches exhibit a cool flymagic movement visible through the ant reflective sapphire crystals. Each model will come with a rubber strap, and two high quality calfskin straps. The price point for these pieces is $1,500, and more information can be had at

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