Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye Watches.

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For the most part, i am not so attracted to watches having diamonds. Even on the ladies watches, i do not gravitate towards the diamonds. There are many brands out there that use diamonds around a bezel, or a watch dial in an attempt to mask the fact that the design is weak. Also some use diamonds to simply jack up the price, and add monetary value to their product. However there are times when i see a high quality design of haute horology, where the diamonds take center stage. That is when i can appreciate it. If the diamonds affect the design in an attractive way, i can be impressed.

This is usually the case with the watches done by Girard-Perregaux, and this new Cat’s Eye watch is something to behold. The firm will not be offering fixed variants of these Cat’s Eye high end watches. Instead, the new buyer will be tasked with the joy of customizing their own watch, and making sure their heart is content with the result. This also guarantees exclusivity for the new owner, and the knowledge that only they have their watch. The customer will be able to choose case material, choose the diamonds, and play a role in the overall design.

The brand did release a hero piece, that is being used to show off the design concept, and also has released some renderings in an effort to assist customers in seeing examples of the design possibilities. The Cat’s Eye collection is a long running product for the brand, and these new watches will be done in the signature ellipse case that defines the line. The hero piece was done in white gold, and has 23 diamonds and 54 blue sapphires. The case measures in at 36 millimeters, and is the perfect size for the smaller wrist.

The dial is completely set with stones. The hero example has 286 diamonds, and 40 blue sapphires. It is a very impressive mix of baguette, trapeze, and the brilliant cut stones to accomplish the design. Just think if the sourcing required to do such a design. Quite impressive the effort put into these works of art. At the bottom there is an elliptical dial. It is shaped the same as the case, and the time is told there using a white gold hour hand, with a matching minute hand. At the 6 o,clock position, there is the company logo, and a reminder that the firm is now 228 years old. Via the exhibition caseback, the caliber GP3300 can be viewed.

It is an excellent in house movement that is self winding, and is used in several of the company’s finer watches, including the Laureato. The movement has a frequency of 4Hz, and offers a power reserve of 46 hours. These watches generally carry a price tag of $319,000, but prices will of course vary based on the complexity of the customer input, and the choice of diamonds to be used. Learn more at Thanks for reading my article, and good luck designing the diamond watch of your dreams.

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