Urwerk UR-111C Cobra Watch.

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I have a special place in my heart for watch companies that believe in doing things their own way. I love a company that does not rely on the past, and does its best to avoid copying a previous design. It is so easy to fall into the trap of mimicking an iconic design from before, bit one company that never seems to do that, is Urwerk. This time they have come up with another cool original design in their new UR-111C Black Cobra. This watch is a black on black cousin to the CC1 King Cobra, and this is a very cool piece.

Since back in 1997, Urwerk has done a great job of producing watches that are made to be different. Different both on looks and in technology. During 2009, Urwerk managed to launch the CC1 King Cobra wristwatch. The watch was quite unusual in that it had the time displayed on a linear scale upon a rotating cylinder. The watch did not use hands. Always wanting to be different, the new UR-111C watch has an appearance that is much different from the King Cobra, but regarding tech, the two watches are in the same family.

The watches share some of the same functionality and design quirks. The UR-111C has a case that is made from stainless steel and titanium. The case measures in at 42 millimeters wide, while being 46 millimeters long, and 15 millimeters thick. All visible glass is made from sapphire, and bears an anti reflective coating. Bear in mind though, this is not a watch for diving, and has a resistance of 30 meters in depth only. The movement in this watch is a self winding mechanism, having 37 jewels, and offering a 48 hour power reserve.

The frequency is 4Hz, or 28,800 vph. This Urwerk piece has the time displayed on rotating cylinders, and is lacking the traditional hand setup. The time is read via the inside edge of the watch case. It actually is a very accessible place for the time to be clearly seen. It is similar to the traditional drive watches, and the Cobra can be read without needing to turn your wrist to your face. It’s very cool id you prefer glance reading instead of a fully focused look at a dial.

When looking at the primary display, we see it is separated into 3 different windows. The one most left shows a cone for the hours. The middle shows the minutes, and is most pronounced. The third also shows the minutes, and yeah that is very interesting. You will automatically pick one or the other, and your brain will make that choice for you. That is not the only wierd thing. When we look at the case we see there is no crown. The watch has a lever at the right side, and on top of the case there is a rotating device under the seconds display. These two devices work together to do what a normal crown would do. Yes it takes some getting used to, but it comes to one quickly, and is super cool once the adjustment is made. This watch sells for about $130,000, and ypu can learn more at urwerk.com. Thank you.

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