The Amazing Sinn 206 Arktis II.

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Those watch lovers who are familiar with Sinn watches, will recall the Sinn 203 and the Sinn 203 Arktis. These watches were launched 20 years ago, and now Sinn has chosen to launch the new 206 Arktis II. The old Sinn 203 chronograph was an extremely popular watch, and it makes sense that someday there would be a follow up to the model. That day is here, and the Sinn 206 Arktis II has some advantages over the older watches. One advantage is the new watches can cope with temperatures of 80 degrees above zero Celsius, and minus 45 degrees Celsius.

Proper function is guaranteed between those two temperature variants, and that is simply amazing. Sinn has their own brand of temp resistance technology, and is an industry leader in temperature variant timepieces. The watch also has a very distinguished look, sporting its blue electroplated watch dial. This amazing dial is UV resistant, and remains visible without fear of being discolored by long term exposure to the rays of the sun. The dial is very striking, and will be noticed by any watch fan in the owner’s life. As for the case, this new 206 has been made a bit larger than the old 203. The 203 was 41 millimeters in diameter, but the new 206 measures in at 43 millimeters.

The lug width was increased from 20 millimeters to 22, but the thickness of the case managed to be reduced from 17 millimeters, down to 16. The case and the new dial are super cool looking, and are worthy of Sinn watch lovers worldwide, and these size changes, merely reflect the more modern norms. Some watch lovers prefer a case smaller than 43 millimeters, however 43 mm is no longer considered to be a crazy large case size. The question is how does is wear at the wrist, and with the lessening of thickness, it will be a very comfortable 43 mm indeed.

This new watch is powered by the ETA 7750 movement. This movement is a very respected valjoux product that has a proven track record of reliability, and has been widely used by a long list of watch makers. The movement is interesting in the it winds in one direction only, and has an interesting feel to it when its rotor is spinning in its free direction, however there are many who love that. This watch has a price point of $3,500, and that is with a leather strap. The version with the bracelet is about $3,800. The bracelet is worth the money for those who prefer one over a strap, and it is nicely finished with a strong construction. For more information about this new Sinn product, go to Thank you.

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