Cartier Santos Steel Chronograph.

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It was during last year that Cartier managed to start refreshing its Santos collection. Their latest effort is actually exciting because it is the release of the new Santos Chronograph. It is fast becoming a favorite of the Santos line, and it makes very good use of the in house chronograph movement 1904-CH MC. This movement was first placed in the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph that was done back in 2013. The entry point of this collection is the stainless steel case model having a rubber strap, and nicely fitted with a grey brushed bezel. The strap is also done in grey, and is an excellent match for the grey bezel. The strap also has some nice decorative screws in it that make the strap appear quite swank. In fact it looks like a bracelet until you see it close up.

All of the new Santos watches are equipped with an excellent quick change system of strap swapping that makes life quite easy. You can buy both the rubber and the leather strap option if so desired, and viola you have two very different watch looks. The more expensive gold variants of the watch offer a matching two tone bracelet as well. However keep in mind the gold variant is above $14,000.

For this new Santos chronograph, the only case size being offered is the size XL. This particular case comes is at 43 millimeters in diameter, with a measurement of 51.40 millimeters lug to lug. the watch has a thickness of 12.5 millimeters. Yes this watch is somewhat hefty, but it is a true chronograph, and vision is of paramount importance. No matter which variant a buyer chooses, the chronograph pushers are a delight.

In the past, the Santos chronographs had a normal two and four o’clock chronograph pusher arrangement. This new offering changes things up a bit. There is a broad chronograph start and stop pusher on the other side of the watch at the nine o’clock position. The reset function is nicely hidden inside the crown of the watch. Nothing new had to be done to the crown to accomplish this feat. So the watch has the look of a GMT watch with a solo pusher. It is really quite nice.

Great care was taken to understate the dial, while at the same time do very detailed finishing. Contrasting cream tones appear and they all work together nicely. All the hands on the watch have a perfect application of Superluminova, and offer an excellent glow when the lighting is low. This is suposed to be the month that these watches begin to be available at boutiques and retail platforms. More information is available at online. These watches start at $8.950, but will be near $14,000 if done in gold.

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