The Garrick S2 Central Seconds.

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Will Brexit ever go away? We do not know, and here from the USA, it is very hard to grasp. Then on top of that, the UK has been hit with lower than normal sales growth. So it has not been easy for the British during this second decade of the 21st century. However, small brands that are truly artistic, and capable of manufacturing quality on a level that is hard to imitate, are still managing to survive. In some cases, these brands have found a way to thrive. One example of such a brand, is the British watch maker Garrick. Garrick has managed, amidst all the chaos, to establish themselves as a niche brand. What makes Garrick special is that they know exactly what their clients are looking for. Clients of Garrick want handmade mechanical watches. They want these watches to be made with that special British flair, and they settle for nothing less. So in this article i would like to write about the Garrick S2 Central Seconds.

This new S2 watch is the fifth offering from watchmaker Garrick, and is their first watch to have a central sweep display of seconds. Yet i believe the main selling point for this watch will be the engine turned dial. The dial is available in either a rhodium or a gold plated finish. It has been said that each dial takes five days to make, and is quite the task indeed. The hours come denoted by thermal blue Roman numerals, and the hand finished dials allow for very easy reading of those minutes and seconds. Not only are the dials of these watches handmade in house, the hands of the watches are also made in house, and the feature facet edges. The buyer has the right to request from an array of finished such as polished, or brushed, or heat blued hands.

As for the watch cases, they are made in house at the Norwich shop of Garrick, and are done in 904L super high quality stainless steel. The cases are almost identical to the cases used in the Garrick S1. These cases are 42 millimeters in diameter, where the S1 watches were 40 millimeters. However the lugs are curved in a way that makes the watch wear and look a bot smaller. The lugs have polished angles as well as polished bevels, and offers a sweet spot feeling at he wrist. For those customers who prefer gold over stainless steel, 18k gold cases can be made upon special request. Then upon completion, the watches bear that amazing fluted crown.

As for the watch movement, this timepiece is powered by the manual winding Calibre UT-G03. This is based on the original UT-G01 that Garrick managed to design with the assistance of world famous Andreas Strehler and is watch making firm named Uhr Teil AG. This new movement has been made to have a frosted handmade look to it, and has a truly British appearance. These movements require three full days to manufacture, and are put together by watchmaker Craig Baird. These watches can be ordered now, and the normal price is near 11,500 British Pounds, which translates into about $15,000. However special requests, such as an 18k gold case, will certainly change the price point. More information is available at Thank you.

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