The Mauron Musy Armure MU 03.

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Say hello to an amazing watch that can cope with the pressure of 30 atmospheres attempting to crush its exterior, while the watch has not even one rubber gasket. Mauron Musy is a watch firm located in the Broye Valley of Switzerland, and is the creator of the nO-ring sealing technology. This tech is patented, and uses a series of 36 machined watch case parts, along with clamps, to fabricate a water resistant housing that is 100% secure, even though traditional gaskets are completely absent. Yes this is a large watch case at 44 millimeters, but it wears comfortably because it is made of grade 5 titanium.

It was at the 2019 Baselworld that Christophe Musy and his amazing design team, showcased the original design of the Armure MU 03. These watches come in many dial and watch case combinations, and surely have something to offer to everyone that might be attracted to this level of technology. Yes the watch seems a bit different in terms of size and wear-ability, but that is quite excellent. The watch is lighter as well as taller on the wrist than expected, while at the same time offers complete balance with comfort. When done in rose gold the watch offers plenty of glitz and glamour, while also looking very intellectual.

This watch is supported by a very driven design team that is very intent on bringing the brand to a much larger audience than in the past. There seems to be no reason at all why this brand would not be able to grow by leaps and bounds. If there is a sticking point, it would be the near $10,000 price point, but what the brand needs to do to overcome that, is explain in detail why the watch is more than worth it. The movement of the watch is all about the futuristic case. The MM01 movement was fabricated for the brand by La Joux-Perret. It measures in at 33 millimeters in diameter, and 6.55 millimeters in thickness.

The movement has micro blasted surfaces, and they are all married together perfectly. The movement has 25 jewels and a frequency oh 4Hz, or 28,800 vph. The watch has 149 components, and bears the Glucydur balance wheel. The watch offers a 55 hour power reserve, and is a very hot looking timepiece overall. This is a watch brand that captivates people. It does so by offering new contributions to horology through technology, but also does so by knowing its limitations. This is a brand that is very self aware, and knows that it is not a movement designer. This brand is a watch designer that happens to be super modern in its approach to case design. To know more, log on to

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