Junghans Max Bill Automatic 100 Jahre.

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The Bauhaus, formally known as the Staaliches Bauhaus, was an art school in Germany that operated from year 1919, to 1933. Pressure from the Nazi regime insured the school was closed, but the design movement was never forgotten. The school combined fine arts with crafts, and is historically famous for its design approach. The founder was Walter Gropius, and the Bauhaus was founded in Weimar, Germany. The Bauhaus design movement has now reached the age of 100 years, and it is to be commemorated. The design movement is one of elegant understatement, and to celebrate it, Junghans has created the Max Bill Automatic. This watch has done a great job of remembering the Bauhaus building itself.

The dial of the watch is matter silver, which comes across as white. This was done to recall the white walls of the Bauhaus interior. The watch case is anthracite, and pays tribute to the facade of the building. Lastly the strap was chosen to be the color grey as a way of remembering the concrete that was used to construct the building. These colors offer a grey and white palette that help keep the watch crisp, clean, and ultra legible. The date window offers a splash of red, and is quite nice. The red also appears at the handset, and is said to represent the red doors of the old Bauhaus building.

For the first time ever, Junghans has created a watch having an exhibition caseback. This gives the owner a window into the watch movement. This may turn off some Bauhaus movement purists, but it is an excellent move forward for the brand; as exhibition casebacks are very important these days. The back crystal is done in sapphire, and it appears to have been done in a way that is not forced, and comes off as quite artistic. Therefore when asking ourselves, how does one commemorate 100 years of a design movement, the answer is to look back into the catalog, and embrace the roots of it all. The design itself is already timeless, and connects all of us to the first half of the 20th century. The clean minimalist intent of having a truly legible timepiece at the wrist becomes obvious.

This celebration of the Bauhaus movement is being done in 1000 timepieces only, and will have a price point of $1,395. the watch will offer the J800.1 self winding watch movement, with a 38 hour power reserve. The case is a stainless steel construction, having an anthracite PVD coating. the case is a sweet spot 38 millimeters in diameter, and a comfortable 9.7 millimeters in thickness. Both front and rear crystals are done in anti reflective sapphire, and the case offers a view of the movement. This is another fine offering from Junghans, and i suggest you take a good long look at their website. Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

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