Christophe Claret Angelico.

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This beautiful Christophe Claret watch, the Angelico, is the culmination of the horologist’s pursuit of master watchmaking coupled with very traditional complications. The watch is a tribute to the never ending quest for exact precision in the watch making industry. This level of commitment started back in the 1800’s with marine chronometers, and continues this day with watches such as the one this article is about. However, it must be said that the Angelico is not a watch having just a beautiful name and a great story. This is a timepiece that is all about created something new. A departure from the normal and the usual. This watch combines a long detent escapement with a tourbillon. brought together by a cable fusee transmission system. Yes it is a bit mind twisting.

The watch has a case measuring in at 45.5 millimeters in diameter, and is not he least bit shy. The top of the watch has the cable fusee system, while the 6 o’clock position has the 6 minute tourbillon. All in all the watch has four indicators. There is the hour hand, the day or night indicator, and the local time as well as the home time. The two time zones are indicated via a jumping hour feature, and that add a very contemporary touch to the timepiece. All of that together with a indicator of minutes at the peripheral dial, ensures that the various tech elements at the dial are not obstructed. The watch comes in two variants. There is the 5N red gold, and there is the titanium. The red gold variant offers a red accented dial having a red ruby minute indicator. The titanium variant has a blue accented dial, with a blue sapphire indicator for the minutes.

The piece is powered by the in house made manual wound DTC08. The watch offers a 72 hour power reserve via the pair of parallel mounted mainspring barrels. The coolest aspect of this watch is the escapement. A long detent escapement was used to guarantee precision timekeeping. Next the tourbillon completes a rotation every six minutes, and reduces the impact of inertia. The 16 millimeter component has been made with a titanium carriage, and a bridge made of aluminum. The watch overall is a bit polarizing. The new looks are surely to be a hit with many, however watch purists might find it to be a bit much, and may have wished for a more subdued timepiece. No matter who we are or what we prefer, no one can deny that this watch is a brilliant work of art. As for price points, the gold comes in at $320,000, and the titanium comes in at $293,000. Each variant will be limited to 10 pieces, and are destined to be future collector’s items.

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