Longines Conquest Chronograph.

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Every year there are watches that steal the show. Happens every year for sure. then there are other watches that fly beneath the radar, but gain traction slowly, and make us take notice. Longines is a watch company with a well known name, and plenty of hits years ago, but has done well to have a few sleeper hits the past so many years. This new Conquest Chronograph done with Mekaela Shiffrin, is sure to be such a watch. This watch is a wonderful addition to the Conquest family, and is a very cool partnership with the firm, and an Olympic gold medal winning skier.

Longines made a point not to over do it with this watch, and did a great job of staying tied to its roots by making another great watch. The watch has a classic 36 millimeter case diameter, and its has a beautiful sapphire crystal. They gave this watch 300 meters of water resistance, and that makes the watch multi purpose powerful.

This watch has a very reliable quartz L538.3 movement. Many watch purist feel uncomfortable with quartz movements, and i get it. However quartz movements are part of the watch and clock industry, and the truth is some watchmakers do quartz quite well. Longines has been playing with quartz since the 1970’s, and they make highly accurate quartz movements. This particular movement is based on a movement made by ETA, and quartz movements have been an important part of the Longines survival story. As for this watch, the primary attraction is the dial.

This watch dial has been made out of aventurine. This material offers a deep blue colorway having sparkling white accents that were used to represent snowfall. Mikaela Shiffrin is a skier of course in love with snow, and the dial reflects that passion. Another reference to Mikaela with this watch is the caseback having an engraving of her on it, along with her signature. The watch has some red accents to go along with the blue dial and white subdials, to complete the red, white, and blue theme of Mikaela’s home; the United States of America.

So this watch is an excellent example of a watch made to cope with the extremes of a mountain slope, but is also able to cope with a weekend snorkeling at a tropical locale. It can be used for an expedition to the Arctic, or to measure laps in a pool at the health club. The watch is a great sports watch that is being offered with a stainless steel bracelet, and more information is available at longines.com.

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