Breitling Cockpit B50 Orbiter.

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During 1999, Breitling managed to sponsor an interesting event. The firm partnered with two famous balloonists; Betrand Piccord, and Brian Jones. The event was a non stop flight around the globe in a hot air balloon. The trip was a true odyssey, and resulted in documentaries, as well as TV specials. Here we are 20 years later, and Brietling has decided to honor the memory of that event with a new watch release. The event was very special to Breitling, as both balloonists were wearing Breitling watches during the trip, and its not ever day that teams make non stop trips around the world.

This particular iteration of the Cockpit B50 watch is quite striking. It has a very bright aura to it, and the use of the color orange has spread heavily throughout the watch world. It helps a watch to stand out, and increases legibility during difficult moments. Quite functional in low light situations, and also quite good looking up against a carbon coated Titanium construction. The watch is powered by the amazing B50 SuperQuartz movement, and this device is a true achievement. The movement has a flyback, split time chronograph, as well as a perpetual calendar, and dual alarms. The functions of the watch go far beyond that, and these functions can be accessed via two pushers and the crown. As complicated as the watch is, it is easy to learn, and easy to use.

The case measures in at 46 millimeters n diameter, and 16.45 millimeters in thickness. Water resistance is a full 100 meters, so the ran, a splash, and a swim are fine with this watch. The case is made of Carbon Coated titanium, and has a light weight feel to it. the crystal is scratch resistant sapphire, and the strap is made of orange rubber with a cool folding clasp. The B50 SuperQuartz movement has a 10 year battery life, and i have heard no complaints whatsoever of inferior battery quality. The batteries for these watches have stood the test of time. More information is available at, and this watch will only be done in 213 pieces. Thanks for reading.

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