Ulysse Nardin Freak X Marquetry Watch.

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I have always been interested in watch movements. They amaze me, and the evolution of movements over the past 100 years is nothing less that spectacular. However i must admit that lately i have been very tuned into watch dials. To tie the dial and the movement together in new and unique ways has been on the minds of engineers forever, and Ulysse Nardin is in a class all their own in that regard. This article will talk about the Freak X Marquetry, and what sets it apart from more conventional watches. The watch dial has a shattered silicium display pattern at the dial, and it is amazing. Enamel is used, and they have done the dial in the most superb method.

This is an amazing look for a dress watch for sure, but Ulysse Nardin has made it work for a very masculine sports watch. Yes the watch movement is important to me but this particular offering is not about movements, it is about creating Freak X watches that will be attainable. The watch has all of its core features intact, but some of the construction of the watch has been made simplified in an effort to drive down the price. These watches are still expensive for sure, but progress is being made in finding ways to lower the price, without skimping on quality.

The watch is powered by the Caliber UN-230, and it offers 72 hours of power reserve. Yes the movement is quite impressive, but the dial steals the show here with this timepiece. The way the movement moves at the dial is the showcase of the Freak watches, and this release is no exception. The dial is composed of 120 pieces of silicium that has been cut using a plasma accelerator. The overall effect is stunning, and for my eyes, very good looking.

It appears to me that this cutting technique opens the doors to just about any dial design concepts that a watchmaker could come up with. A whole world of possibilities is opened up using this innovation. Two different dial options are available. Silver X gives way to a dark background done in a purple blue, and the bluest possible look is available as well. For price information, and more to read up on, please go to ulysse-nardin.com. Thank you.

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