The MeisterSinger Vintago Watch.

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It’s not every day that we see a watch that sports a single hand. Not so many brands of one handed watches to choose from. So as a result of all that, MeisterSinger really does stand out as a unique one hand watch maker. The firm has done a great job of teaching its customers how to enjoy the easy read at a glance watch dials. Hear in year 2019, the company has launched the Vintago. This watch is a vintage styled 38 millimeter single handed watch that pays tribute to the design language of the 1960’s.

The Vintago has a nicely brushed stainless steel case having a well designed crown that helps the watch stay true to its vintage nature. It has a curved watch hand that rotates over the stepped dial. The date window has the appearance of the old IWC watches that displayed three dates. This watch is offered in three dial colors. There is ivory blue, opaline white, and black.

These MeisterSinger watches are made for people who are no worried about every second of every minute, and are more interested in keeping track of what hour it is. These are watches of less stress, and less down to the moment timekeeping. The Vintago is a great watch for such a stress level. The style of the watch is perfect for easy time reading, and the time can be told at a glance. The date window is somewhat big, so it will be you love it or don’t regarding that feature. For me, i know i would adjust to it. The company did a fine job f decorating he Sellita 200-1 movement, and it can be seen through the exhibition caseback or the watch. The dial color choices are ample enough to ensure that everyone finds a color they prefer.

The Vintaga is a bit different from the other MeisterSinger watch models, and it does not have any special complications to it. This watch has a lower price tag than some of the other models also, and this will be a good chance for more people to enjoy the brand. These are Swiss watches, and the price point is below $1,900. That is a very fair price for this watch. The watch comes with a calfskin leather strap matching your choice of dial color, and the movement has a 38 hour power reserve. This watch is not intended for the water, bit has a 50 meter water resistance that protects the owner from rain and splashes. Please go to for more information. Thank you.

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