The Alchemists Cu29 Watch.

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High end watch shows display concept watches, heritage timepieces, microbrand offerings, and much more. At a good show, you can always expect plenty. Then sometimes hidden deep inside the halls of a show, you can find some truly different companies offering plenty of unique design concepts that standout, and break away from tradition and norms. One brand that is standing out at watch shows this year is Alchemists. This year, 2019, they offer the Cu29.

This new watch looks like haute horology all the way, and it has major brand appearance. It does not look like a small brand’s initial offering. The watch has plenty of interesting elements to it. For example, the case material is unique. Alchemists decided to use a cuprum alloy in the 38 millimeter in diameter case; having a thickness of 15.8 millimeters. Cu is the chemical symbol for copper, and yes this alloy s a blend of copper, silver and gold. The other aspect of the watch that immediately capture the eye, is the big, sapphire crystal. It has a bubble like looks to it, and it quite different. It offers a very cool look at the mechanical aspects of the watch, and it is glued into its place. The crown is not mounted on the case, it enters the watch through the crystal. This again is very unique.

Alchemists really did need to create their own movement for this watch, and they did just that. The 100% in house movement is a manual wind design, mechanical movement having a 72 hour power reserve. It has 51 jewels, and beats at 21,600 vph. The movement is hand finished having heat blued screws, with polished bridges. It is a very sweet sight to see when viewed through the very unusual crystal. The watch is being offered in three variant dial materials. The dials are in stone, and the customer can request black obsidian, jade, or lapis lazuli. The company believes the cuprus materials in the case, when combined with the stone dials, offer health benefits. They believe the combos give optimism, creativity, and assist with skin ailments. Who knows, right?

This Cu29 watch is a very unusual timepiece, and i respect it for its creative uniqueness, and being so different from what we are used to seeing. The massive crystal alone will create conversations wherever the customer may go in the world. More information can be had at Thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoy their website.

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