Citizen Promaster SST Watches.

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Citizen is a watch brand that is never afraid to push the boundaries. New tech is a way of life for the brand, and they have infused some new life into their Promaster line. They have redesigned their SST series and the split second timer watches have three new members in the line up. Each new watch has its own color scheme, and the new references are as follows. The JW0137-51E, the JW0138-08L, and the JW0139-05L. Citizen has had their Promaster watch lineup for 30 years now, and it includes some very purpose driven timepieces. This SST line exists under the Land category of the Promaster line, and it targets Motorsports enthusiasts.

These new watches all have the 46 millimeter in diameter cases, with big, highly visible dials. The dials are split in the analog digital display. The SSTs are highly functional and are able to track time in 43 cities worldwide. The watches can recall 20 laps worth of information including speed calculations, and also offer a countdown timer. All 3 of the new watches are styled in their own color scheme. The JW0137-51E has a gunmetal color scheme case and bracelet, having red accents. The JW0138-08L has a stainless steel case with integrated leather strap done with green accents. Then the JW0139-05L has the steel case and leather strap option done with orange accents. Each of the 3 watches sports a sapphire crystal.

Al of these watches have Citizen Eco Drive technology. It is a battery driven watch movement able to be charged by any type of light source. This is one of Citizen’s approaches to lowering battery waste, and is awesome because battery changes are not needed. For what its worth, these watches wear somewhat big. You will notice for sure the 46 millimeters in case width. However if that case size is acceptable to you, you will get a lot of watch for the money, and a piece of technology that no mechanical watch can technologically match. These watches are planned to be available during the Fall of 2019. The steel bracelet model is the most expensive at $795. The other two models will be sold for $725. Please go to to learn more. Thank you.

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