Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 1959.

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Breitling has done a great job as of late, focusing largely on bringing the brand back to its roots regarding design, and the use of its catalog. Building on that trend, Breitling is launching the Navitimer reference 806 1959. This watch is a near replica of the brand’s 1959 pilot watch released 60 years ago. The new release will be limited to 1959 pieces in honor of the release during year 1959. The original Navitimer watch was actually release in 1952. The watch became so loved by pilots around the globe for its chronograph function and slide rule bezel.

This was an amazing cockpit tool prior to the use of electronics in the cockpit. Over time the watch went through its evolution. Changes in size, and the logo, and decoration took place. This 806 1959 version of the watch is nearly the same as the version it was based on. It featured the stainless steel case, measuring in at 40.9 millimeters in diameter, and was 13.43 millimeters thick. It was powered by the Breitling caliber B09 movement which was a hand wound, column wheel, vertical clutch movement having nearly a 70 hour power reserve. It was a chronograph movement and has a beat of 28,800 vph.

The dial was done in black, and the hands has patine lume as did the numerals. The color was the same s the slide rule bezel that made the Navitimer famous. Maintaining its vintage feel, the 1959 has an acrylic crystal also. The watch comes with a black leather strap, and is water resistant to 30 millimeters. This is a pilot’s watch, and i would not swim in it, but it can cope with rainy days, and accidental splashes for sure. Last year, 2018, Beitling released the Navitimer 8. That particular line of watches was intended to bring back the glory days by using past design language that was so loved by previous Breitling customers.

Now we have the new 1959 re-release, and the way i see it, it is the best looking Navitimer in recent memory. The design is awesome, and the watch is powered by a very reliable movement tat has stood the test of time. The firm is on the right track for sure, and i hope they will continue to make these very sound decisions year after year in what to offer their customers. The extra jumbo watch case fad seems to be on the wane, and i hope to see some 38 and 39 millimeter diameters be made available in the coming years. I see this new watch as being a sure hit with consumers, and the price tag appears to be right about $8,600. I suggest you visit to learn more about this great timepiece. Thank you.

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