The Zenith Defy Inventor.

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Yes, there really are times when history does repeat itself. Zenith won critical acclaim in the world of watches back in 1969, with the launch of its amazing El Primero movement. It was the world’s highest frequency automatic chronograph movement, and is still being written about today. So, two years ago in 2017, Zenith did it again with the launch of the Zenith Defy Lab, having its game changing Zenith Oscillator. The Defy Lab was an extremely limited watch that was pre-sold in a series of timepieces, and the good news is that its success has led to the now serial production of the Zenith Defy Inventor. The watch is all about the 50 year anniversary of the El Primero movement, and it’s an awesome timepiece.

The Defy Inventor has in it the patented regulating organ, and it was developed in house. It made its debut within the ten piece Lab series of watches, and replaced the sprung balance. The Zenith Oscillator is the single piece, razor thin mechanism that is made of silicon. This very nicely replaced the old balance which required 30 plus parts to form. This movement oscillated at 108,000 vph, meaning 18Hz, and the speed dwarfs the older 36,000 vph, or 5Hz of the El Primero movement. The owner of the watch can actually see the pulsations from the dial side of the watch movement because there is an open architecture. The movement uses less parts, has better stability, less friction, and added accuracy.

The exterior of the timepiece has also been in play, with a titanium case that measures in at 44 millimeters, and is nicely brushed. The case has a textured bezel that is made of Aeronith. This material is a very high grade aluminum that is one of the lightest forms of aluminum on earth. It is made from 100% pure aluminum foam, that is then made stiff using a polymer. This results in a Aeronith that is 3 times lighter than titanium, while also having a beautiful aesthetic. The hands are rhodium plated and sweep nicely over a skeleton dial. The central seconds hand is star tipped. The inventor watch is not a chronograph watch as is the El Primero, but this watch is having a stop seconds feature which allows very accurate readings due to the super high frequency of the movement.

The Zenith Defy Inventor will run for several hundred pieces this year, and comes with an excellent black rubber strap, having a blue alligator coating on it. The price will be in the area of $19,000. I suggest you go to Zenith’s official website and read more about this amazing timepiece. It really is something special.

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