Casio Edifice ECB900DB Watch.

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Casio is releasing two new Edifice watches, and they will combine all the features we would expect from a good digital watch. Bluetooth connectivity, solar tech, and app pairing, in a sleek and rugged design that has been the signature for the Edifice watch collection. The new Edifice ECB900DB will be available in two color schemes, and this article will endeavor to introduce them to you. Regarding the design of the Edifice watches from Casio, they are watches that are either loved or hated. The new watches fit nicely into that vein. The dials of the watches are busy, and complicated to view.

Some people love this because it helps them get their tech geek on, but other people feel somewhat overwhelmed by it. Some grasp it easily, and others are reading the manual. Learning all the controls is tricky, and just as are the watches, the learning process is either loved or hated. The watches come in the red or the blue colors. The model done in red has the red accents in the dial, and has a black tachymeter bezel. The blue is exactly the same scenario, except done in blue. I prefer the blue because blue lends itself to more situations, and is easier the blend into the wardrobe. However the red looks like a very cool color for a younger person to enjoy; a person with loud colors in the closet.

I actually enjoy the busy looks of the watch face, but what can be difficult to cope with, is the size of the watch. The case measures in at a whopping 51.5 millimeters wide, and is 13.9 millimeters thick. The space is needed to fit in all of the various functions, but 51 plus millimeters is very large on the wrist. The relatively normal thickness is a virtue given the diameter, and chronograph watches are often times much thicker than this watch. Trust me though, this watch is a presence on the wrist, and the new owner must be prepared for that, or this watch will be a table weight.

Regarding the functionality of the watch, they pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth using an app. The connection is utilized to determine the location on earth and sync up with atomic clock for exact time of day. The app has the settings for 300 cities around the globe, and manages to account for daylight savings time. These watches er actually reliant of the smartphone for these functions, and cannot go it alone. These watches also have chronograph functionality, and can measure to 1/1000th of a second. The memory is good for 200 laps, and to the lower right of the watch dial, is an indicator that displays average lap time. These watches have excellent solar tech, and a full charge is good for six months. The watches are also rated to 100 meters in depth. So other than scuba, you are okay in the water.

I think this watch is great for those who travel with the intent of really experiencing the outdoors wherever they are going to. These watches are rugged, and have the latest is tech functions for a watch, while at the same time only needing a bit of sunlight to stay powered. One thing that is vert attractive about these watches is the price. At $200 it may even make sense to have one in your carry on bag as an extra tool whenever needed. If interested, please go to Much more info is available at the website to help you make a very informed decision. Thank you.

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