F.P. Journe Chronomètre À Résonance.

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There are many reasons to admire F.P. Journe, but as it relates to this article, i would like to piont out that F.P. Journe was the first watchmaker to create a movement that functions using resonance. Resonance is the phenomenon where vibrations push another system to oscillate at great amplitude. For watch crafting, two oscillators would be used, beating near each other to increase their rate of oscillation, and increase their chronometric performance. Back in 2010, F.P. Joune changed the dial on its Chronometre A Resonance, and replaced the analog display with discs.

The disc system was a distinct improvement in technology, but it lessened the good looks of the watch, and the timepiece suffered a loos of elegance. For lovers of this brand, the watch has a new 2019 version, and this version is much more in line with the original that people fell so in love with. The dial resembles the early variant, having a 12 hour dial at the 3, and a 24 hour dial at the 9. The watch also has a power reserve complication at the 12. All hands for these complications are done in blue steel, and look amazing.

Two variants of this watch are being offered. One has the platinum case with a white gold dial, and the other has the rose gold case with a rose gold dial. The case diameter is 40 millimeters, and the buyer can take a matching bracelet, or a very cool hand sewn alligator strap. The watch is powered by the caliber 1499.3 movement, and the exhibition caseback on this watch permits the owner to watch this movement in action. It is a hand wind movement, and it beats at 3Hz.

The power reserve is 40 hours, and like all of the F.P. Journe movements, it is done in a very brilliant rose gold. The movement is nicely decorated having beveled edges, Cotes de Geneve engraved on the bridges, and nicely polished screw heads. Yes the movement is gorgeous, but you must see the balance wheels that beat together at the 6 o’clock position. It is a sight to see. These amazing timepieces are being offrered at a price of $80,000, and more information can be obtained at fpjourne.com. Thank you for reading my article, and have a great day.

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