Ressence Type 3W Watch.

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Ressence is a watch concern based in Antwerp, Belgium, and they produce a very special breed of timepieces that have very interesting displays and attributes. The firm was launched back in 2010, and the Type 3 line up of watches first hit the scene during 2013. This line was well received, and considered to be a great design breakthrough at the time because the watches are oil filled mechanical timepieces that were quite unique then. So here we are in 2019, and Ressence is releasing an updated version of the watch naming it the Ressence Type 3W. The watch does resemble the original, but comes with a very vibrant white dial, and cool over all color scheme. As for the mechanical part of the watch, the Type 3W has the same oil and air filled chambers design, using a modified ETA watch movement. The same magnetic trans system is there, and the ROCS display module.

Ressence is a company that really has what the watch industry needs. The company is putting out very impressive designs and also has a playful style, while at the same time having the mechanical aptitude to back it all up. Even though the firm has released several watches during the last nine years, it really is the Type 3 that has hit home with many watch lovers. This is because of the visual design achievements and the mechanical prowess that the brand drives home. Sure there are other brands that offer unique takes on dials for watches, but the Type 3W has an information layout coupled with the oil filled display, that makes the watch a major player. The true magic with this watch is the power to support two separate dry and wet chambers, that work in synergy. There is no mechanical connection from the ROCS display to the watch movement. The company uses a set of micro magnets to drive the information seen on the dial. Each bit of info, the hours, the minutes, the days, the date, temperature, and seconds, are all displayed independently via a set of subdials with true legibility and high contrast.

As i see it, the new Essence Type 3W is an excellent next step in the evolution of the Type 3 series, and its quite an excellent watch for those who are no so interested in the black tie look. The watch is large with a 44 millimeter diameter, and a thickness of 15 millimeters. The case is made of grade 5 titanium, and the watch has a sapphire crystal. Power reserve is 36 hours, and the frequency is 28,800 beats per hour. The watch retails for about $36,500, and more information can be had by going to

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