The Patek Philippe Aquanaut.

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The summer months make life worth living, and the beaches of the world are the getaway that many of us crave. Vacations are important, as are weekends at the beach for those of us who live near large bodies of water. Many of us love to snorkel, and love to scuba dive. Having a good watch for such activities is important, and helps us to enjoy the activities we love so much. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is a watch that perfectly compliments events on the water, and diving experiences. So if you need a watch that is special, and you love the Patek brand, continue reading. This just might be the best choice out there for you, and in this article i will do my best to describe for you the amazing Patek Philippe Aquanaut.

The original Patek Aquanaut was launched back in 1997, and it was a great watch for the company. Therefore during 2017, the Aquanaut 5186G-001 was released as a way of commemorating 20 years of this brand’s dive model. The watch is done in white gold, and preserves all of the great Aquanaut essentials from 20 plus years ago. The watch however has modern construction, a very clean look to it, and has an upgraded comfortable rubber strap that is great for being in the water. The size of the watch was increased to 42 millimeters in diameter to follow current trends, and i see it as a good move because the larger face increases visibility on a dive. When purchased directly from Patek Philippe, the watch sells for $38,557.

For you world traveler, the watch comes in travel time variants that might interest you. The Aquanaut model 5650G with Advanced Research, offers local and home city tracking functions in the form of two key innovations that have been integrated into the watch movement. There is the compliant mechanism that permits the adjustment of the GMT hand forwards or backwards, and then there is the redesigned Spiromax spring that offers better balance for overall improved timekeeping. Advanced Research watch models are head and shoulders above normal Patek models, and serve as a great variation for any watch lover wanting to add something special to their collection.

Also, there are plenty of used older aquanauts available on the secondary market. Patek Philippe watches have a reputation for selling well at auction, and maintaining a strong value even as time elapses. Many of these watch do not have all of the new updates, but the original Aquanauts fro 1997 are excellent dive watches. They have a 120 meter water resistance depth, and were also resistant to ultra violet radiation.
Those older watches were powered by the self-winding mechanical movement Caliber 324 S C. The movement has stood the test of time, and even today, is a great find.

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