The Bulova Computron Watches.

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It is both a big, and a very cool surprise, that we are being taken back in time to the 1980’s. The gold Bulove Computron watch was a futuristic dream watch back then. Back then people with vision, and their eyes on the future were the ones to wear such items on their wrists. It was a brave and new world back then, with technology beginning to take a hold on everything outside and inside. So, it is so very cool to announce that Bulova has decided to once again release its Computron digital LED watch, and yes its is retro superb.

The watch is all about its outdated design and that is why it comes across as being so different that what we expect to see these days. Most of us would have ever expected a release like this to happen, but who knows? Maybe the execs at Bulova are the smartest people around, and it will be great to see how well this watch does going forward.

The reissue of vintage watches has been a bit of a trend the last few years, and maybe i should have expected something on this level to happen now, but this is a very courageous reissue. This reissue offers the same case design as before. The trapezoid look having the front facing LED display. Bulova decided to as some recent tech to the mix by expanding the Computron’s functions. and adding a cool dual time zone capability, and the date, day, and seconds digital complications, as it were. All of this info can be accessed via the crown button at the right side of the watch case.

The watch comes in three color variations. The best looking is the gold plated i think because gold and digital just work for me. The gold one as well as the black one both have LED screens. Then there is the stainless steel version. That one has a blue display, and is super interesting. These watches will be a head turner. Digital watches faded in popularity over time, but they were the rage at the time. It seems weird that Bulova we be so willing and so proud to bring it back, and because of their courage, i am rooting for them.

the price points are very affordable. The gold plated comes in at $395. The black and the stainless steel come in at $295. The gold plated comes with a gold plated bracelet, and the stainless has the stainless steel bracelet, with he black coming with the rubber strap. You can learn more at Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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