Ulysse Nardin Freak X Watch.

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Not only are vibrant colors a trend this year in new watches and updated watch models, lower prices seem to be a trend that is helping more and more collectors add to their portfolios, and new customers to be added by more brands. Ulysee Nardin is one of those brands that have reduced the barrier to getting in to one of their super cool Freak watches. This new Freak X watch is their lowest price Freak to date, and it is quite impressive. The watch industry has come to learn that it cannot continue to raise prices each year while at the same time trying to keep people enthused, and coming back to them. So keeping prices sensible will help both the customers and the brands do more business, and usher in the next generation of buyers.

What Ulysse Nardin did was create some watches in titanium and carbonium. Yes they have the rose gold for those who can afford it, but carbonium for example, is a composite material made from high grade carbon fiber, and its has the appearance of forged carbon. The case size of these watches is $3 millimeters in diameter, so that is 2 millimeters smaller than other Freak watches, adding to the savings in price. The new size also give the watch a greater level of wear ability.

Best of all the Freak X is not as complex as the other Freak models. Most Freak watches are adjusted via the bezel, but with the Freak X, the crown is used. Powering the Freak X is a new self winding movement named the Caliber UN-230. This movement doubles as the minute hand, however most of the movement’s wheel train remains concealed. The movement beats at a frequency of 3Hz, and offers a good power reserve of 72 hours. Not as long as most Freak watches, but 72 hours is still solid.

The watch has a water resistance dept of 50 meters, and has a crystal made of sapphire. The watch comes with an alligator leather strap, or a rubber strap. This watch is intended to be available to more customers than ever, and the new price points are a reflection of that. So as for price, the Freak X done in titanium is prices at $21,000, and is the lowest prices Freak available. The Freak X done in carbonium is prices at $24,000, and the rose gold Freak X is priced at $30,000. More information is available at ulysee-nardin.com.

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