TAG Heuer Autavia Isograph.

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I am sure that many watch lovers have forgotten the original intent of the TAG Heuer Autavia. Yes it is true that the Autavia was made to assist participants is motorsports, but the watch was intended to also serve the needs of aviators, and one need look no further than he name itself for clarity. The avia portion of the word Autavia, relates the name directly to aviation. TAG Heuer has now decided to update this collection of pilot’s watches having the Autavia name, and they have done a splendid job in doing so. Even though the watches have a vintage look to them, new, modern watch movements have been used to guarantee functionality. The firm has also done well in keeping the price points friendly, as well as offering several material and dial variations to please everyone.

When we break down the collection, we see five different references done in stainless steel. These watches come in three dial color choices of grey, black, and blue, having a strap, and two dial color choices of blue and black, having a bracelet. The black and the blue watches come with a matching bezel done in ceramic, and the grey watches come with a cool stainless steel bezel. On top of the steel watches, TAG Heuer is launching a watch done in bronze. These bronze watches have either a brown dial or a green dial, and the green dial watch reflects a cool recent color trend in dials these days. When we see a watch in bronze with a green dial, we cannot help but think of our military watches, and the strong, rugged feel that color combination offers. Every watch in the collection comes in a 42 millimeter case diameter.

There is a designation on the dial that speaks to the wadhes being Isographs. Even thoigh these watches have a cool vintage look of days gone by, its the inner workings of the watches that bring something new. The Isograph designation refers to the carbon composite hairspring which is accompanied by the custom made balance wheel developed by TAG Heuer. This is expected to offer better rate stability due to the hairspring being so light weight, and having such low density. The watch collection is though to be impervious to shock and magnetism. All watches designated Isograph, also are certified chronometers. The watch is powered by the Calibre 5 movement, which is a very reliable and durable watch movement with a good and strong track record. These watches should keep time reliably for decades to come. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters in depth, and comes with either brown leather straps, or stainless steel bracelets. The crystal is scratch resistant sapphire, and is the elite material at this time for the face of watches.

Not many brands have as deep a portfolio at TAG Heuer. Its great to see the firm offer something updated with some new features in technology. Everyone knows TAG Heuer for their chronographs, but the firm is much more than a motorsport watch provider. I look forward to seeing much more from the company in areas other than motorsports, and the firm really does have the know how to be great in any area it chooses to be. These watches are fall between $3,500, and $4,300, and there is plenty of buzz out there about TAG Heuer prices being lower than they have been in over 30 years. Check it out.

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