The Tudor Black Bay Bronze.

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It was a few years back when bronze watches started to gain steam, and rise in popularity. The argument could be made that the reason such popularity grew was because Tudor launched a Black Bay Bronze having a brown dial and bezel during Baselworld year 2016. So here we are after 3 years, and its obvious the popularity of bronze watches is more than a mere fad. It is a trend that appears to be sticking, and i for one am very happy about it. Bronze watches will not be leaving anytime soon, and the Black Bay Bronze is back better than ever, with a patina machine that i know many watch lovers are going to appreciate.

The new watch remains faithful to the original formula, and in addition to the brown dial version, Tudor has released a limited edition version done in blue for the jeweler Bucherer. Then there is a piece done in green that also has a left hand crown, that was made for a watch charity auction specifically. The new version of the watch has a slate grey dial with a matching bezel, and it contrasts well with the bronze tint, and surely will become more interesting after the patina has time to change. The watch case is 43 millimeters in diameter, and has the traditional case shape which looks like a classic Rolex diving watch that has been enlarged a bit. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters in depth, and comes with the screw down crown.

Powering the watch is the Calibre MT5601 movement which is COSC certified as a chronometer, and the crystal is made of sapphire. The caseback is PVD coated stainless steel, and offers the movement excellent protection during dives. The strap is leather with a bronze buckle, and looks great with the watch. One of the great asects of bronze is seeing over time how the patina develops. This can be seriously impacted by the climate you are in, or you may move in and out of. As for overall color, i admite the brown dial, but i really love the grey dial. For me its just more attractive to my eyes. This watch will be selling for $4050, and please visit Tudor online for more information.

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