Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat Steel.

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Cartier has always been a leader in beautifully shaped watch cases, and during 2016, Cartier launched a dress watch for men known as the Cartier Drive. The watch was offered in gold or stainless steel, and it was a big hit for the brand. Due to that success, the brand released the Drive de Cartier Extra Flat during 2017. The watch was an even more attractive dress watch than the original, and was given plenty of attention as a result. However this watch was only made in precious metals, and the large price tags associated with the materials used, limited the amount of people that could take advantage of the new design. Then last year, in 2018, the stainless steel version was released. This opened up an entirely new price point, and the audience for the watch exploded in size.

The world of thin watches really is a very competitive arena. The 2 millimeter Piaget, or the Bulgari Octo are extreme examples of thin watches. Yet the Cartier Drive Extra Flat seems thick by comparison, and comes in at 6.6 millimeters. With a case that is 38 millimeters high, and 39 millimeters wide, the watch is amazingly comfortable on the wrist, and only heavy enough to let you know that yes you are wearing a watch. The one millimeter difference in height and width of the watch put this model between a square and a cushion in case style. Very unique indeed. Yes the design is somewhat simple, it hits the mark in elegance and tradition. The watch catches the eye, and has the wearer looking dressed up. Now being in stainless steel, the appeal is just the same as before, but it has a more versatile look to it, and allows for use in casual settings as well and formal.

The dial of the watch is a silver white color having a subtle finish that is true Cartier. The big Roman numerals are for the hours, and the hands are made of blue steel showing the hours and minutes. This watch does not have a seconds hand, the lack of which adds to the elegance. The watch comes with an alligator leather strap which is also colored blue. The piece is powered by the Cartier 430 MC movement which is modeled after the Piaget 430P. The movement is made of 130 parts, 18 jewels, and beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour. The power reserve is 43 hours, and the movement is hidden under a solid steel caseback. This design is classic, and also helps to keep the watch thin.

The best part of this elegant watch is the fairness of its price. The watch comes in at $5,600. For a new Cartier dress watch, that is a very fair price, and opens the door for many customers who before could only window shop for a watch like this. So go to, and have a good long look. The watch is attainable now, and maybe its time to own one. Thanks for reading my latest article, and have yourself a great week.

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