The Rolex Air-King 14000.

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Sure we love a robust watch that satisfies our need for conspicuous consumption. There is nothing at all wrong with a good, solid, hey look at me timepiece. Yet there are those times when we feel the need to where a more straight forward watch that gets the job done for us in a less flamboyant manner. This is the perfect time to wear the Rolex Air-King 14000. Please do note confuse the watch with the Air-King.

That is not the same watch. So let’s talk a bit about the design, origin, and value of this Rolex Air-King 14000 watch. Rolex launched this watch back in 1989, and it was replacing the long standing Air-King 5500. This 1400 watch introduced the use of sapphire to the collection, and also helped launch the Caliber 3000 movement. As for the watch design, this timepiece is intentionally understated. The design was targeting people who prefer not to be so loud with their wristwatches. The case is only 34 mullimeters in diameter, and has the time only dial, along with an Oyster bracelet done in stainless steel.

When compared to the Datejust at 36 millimeters, or the Oyster Perpetual at 39 millimeters, the Air-King 14000 seems a bit small. However when you put the watch on your wrist, you will discover that it fits beautifully, and looks amazing. This is without a doubt a unisex watch, and can be enjoyed immensely by women, as well as by men. As is the case with most Rolex watches, various dial options exist with the watch, such as stick indices, Roman numerals if desired, and the dial that displays the 3/6/9 explorer style. This watch includes a smooth stainless steel bezel, but the Air-King 14010 comes with an engine turned bezel.

This watch is powered by the automatic caliber 3000 movement and has a frequency of 28,000 bets per hour. the movement offers a power reserve of 42 hours, and is quite the work horse. During 2000 the Air-King 14000M was equipped with the Caliber 3130 movement, that includes a balance bridge, not a balance cock, and has a Breguet hairspring. The power reserve was 48 hours, and the watch remained a non chronometer.
Pre owned Air-King 14000s can be found for below $4,000. It is a great deal for a real Rolex watch, and is probably the lowest price you will see for a watch of this quality.

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