The Nomos Orion De Stijl.

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Not so long ago, the Nomos Orion De Stijl was launched. It is a limited edition watch that ws produced in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Dutch art movement named De Stijl. The watch is made by Nomos specifically for Ace Jewelers, and has a classic design, combined with some very cool creative madness.
The watch is for the most part, a Nomos Orion.

There is no argument there. The case as well as the mechanical aspects are identical to the Orion watch. Yet there is one large difference. That would be the dial. To celebrate this anniversary, the Amsterdam retailer decided to get a bit wild, and give the Dutch something properly unique for this festive art milestone. It looks as though Nomos was the right choice for the watch, and lends legitamacy to the timepiece.

They decided to go with white and black, and combine that with classic straight lines. The answer to that goal was to create specified indices. If one looks closely at the watch, one will see that not any of the indices is equal to the other. None of them have the exact same length, and none have the exact same width. That is part of what makes this watch so cool. It is not easy to find a dial such as this. It would be a challenge to do so.

It is a very pleasant change from most watches, and i like it a lot. The dial has no surface colors used. It is a silver plate having black indices, and black hands. that is it. They really did go for a monochromatic feel here, and they nailed it. The watch has the same display as the Nomos Orion, and that is it. As for the case, it is 38 millimeters in diameter, and hits the sweet spot in size. The case is done in polished steel, and has elongated tapered lugs.

The watch is powered by the hand winding alpha movement. This helps to make the watch accessible, and keeps the mechanical aspects classical. It is true that the Alpha movement is based on the Peseux 7001, the Alpha has important upgrades that make the origins hard to guess. The watch offers a 43 hour power reserve, and with most German watches, it has the three quarter plate. This watch will only be produced in a quantity of 100 pieces, and its priced at $2220, or EUR 1960.

To get a crack at owning one, you must inquire online at Thanks for reading my article, and i hope you enjoyed it.

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