Ressence Type 1 Slim Watch.

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Out there we always see iconic watch brands that are so easily recognized, even by people that are not so in to watches. We all can spot a Rolex when we see one. Then there are watch brands that only watch lovers can easily identify. However even watch aficionados can be stumped sometimes, and often the watch lovers are mostly in to a few brands heavily, and other brands to a lesser degree. The world of watches though, has its oddball brands that anyone with an attention span, can easily spot. A good example of a brand that fits into that category would be Ressence. Ressence watch brand is easy to identify, and now we have a new, thinner, slim version of the Ressence Type 1 watch to take a good hard look at.

Many Ressence watch lovers tend to ignore the Type 1. The Type 1 is just an air filled watch, whereas the oil filled Ressence Type 3 receives all of the attention and glory. I understand that, and no one can ignore how cool the oil is, but there is an intelligent argument to be made for the Type 1, and i will try to make that argument in this article. Starting with the DNA of the Ressence brand, we look at the innovative parts that go in to the watch. The ROCS system and the display method, and then we peel it away to its basics. Overall the watch has 107 components in it for the ROCS system, and then the watch has the ultra reliable ETA 2892 movement powering it. The watch stays slim and healthy by not having any of the extraneous things loaded into it.

The lack of extras gives the watch its clean and crisp appearance. Then it also permits the watch to slim down to a thickness of 11 millimeters. That is very impressive when you think about what is stacked atop the automatic movement. The water resistance level is only 1 ATM, but this is not a dive watch, and the level of protection is that of rainy days, and an accidental kitchen splash. With the slimmed down profile, and the lightweight titanium case, you end up with a watch that only weighs 68 grams. This is a watch that will shock and awe your friends when they see it on your wrist. Yes the Ressence 3 is the true luxury liner, but this Ressence Type 1 Slim watch comes in at under $21,000, and is the more comfortable watch under the cuff. please go to for more information. Thank you.

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