Is The Watch Future Female?

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Not so long ago, a female politician from Germany was found to have been photographed some years ago wearing a Rolex Datejust. For some reason the picture caused an upheaval and sparked media attention regarding women and luxury timepieces. What seems so weird about this, is that men in the political spectrum have been seen wearing luxury watches all along. No where near as much outrage seems to take place when a male politician wears a Rolex, or an Omega. Things are gong to be changing in the world of watches as it relates to women, and these changes are coming now.

Most products in the world are marketed to gender. It makes sense. Men and women are different, and that is not a crime. When we see watch models targeting men, and models targeting women, the men win out in volume. That is going to change as the industry shifts a bit and makes a stronger effort to gain female customers. Another big change is the gender gap among industry executives in the watch world. The watch industry is and has been a men’s world, but change is happening. The changes towards marketing to women are obvious, and females are needed more than ever in the industry to effect such change.

Watch manufacturers are shifting their approach to women, having realized that much of the market is captured by fashion brands. These fashion brands are not considered to be big competitors of the Swiss watch makers, but it is hard to ignore that they have great success in selling watches to fashion conscious women. The eyes of the manufacturers are wide open to the possibilities. They want to take some of that market back, and that is exactly what they are planning to do. Also watchmakers have a new generation of men in ownership who understand all too well the value of women as customers and as partners in the firm.

As for women’s watches, it has been duly noted that women actually prefer larger case sizes than before. Yes many love the small watches, but even more women love the watches in the 36 to 40 millimeter case diameter range. China and India collectively have more than a billion females, and the women of those countries have a love for larger women’s watches. That is an enormous market to tap into, and the women of China are visiting Switzerland in droves, to buy luxury high end watches from the source. I think it is safe for all of us to agree that women’s watch sales are on the rise, and as the third world blooms, the possibilities are endless.

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