The Grand Seiko Elegance.

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If ever there was a watch brand that simply does not receive that adoration that it should, it is Grand Seiko. The brand recently released the Grand Seiko Elegance line of watches, and even though the lack of overall adoration is bound to continue, those of us who truly admire the brand, have another collection of watches to celebrate. The Elegance collection has taken dial design a decor to a whole new level and direction. Perhaps it is weird to be so surprised, because Grand Seiko has a track record for such unique and innovative behavior.

The elegance collection uses a very laborious decorating technique. It is the ancient art form of Japan known as Urushi. Layers of tree sap are built up to create a desired result. The black dial in the rose gold cased watch is made using this very exact method, and the watches with the red and the blue dials done n rose gold as well as stainless steel, also make use of this very difficult art form. As for the yellow gold cased watches, they feature dials that are lacquered; which is infinitely easier to get accomplished.

These mechanical watches are sized at the sweet spot. 39 millimeters in diameter, and 11.6 millimeters in thickness. The perfect watch size range for multiple use watches that can be a boon companion to your wrist for years to come. The dials, having perfectly polished hands, and classical and simple, and have only a seconds sub dial at 9 o’clock, and the power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock. The only challenge between the consumer and the watch is the price tag.

These beautiful watches start at $7,400 for the stainless steel model, but the yellow gold model comes in at $19,000, and the rose gold model comes in at $29,000. Another factor is these are limited edition watches. The gold models will only be done for 150 pieces, and the steel models will be done in 1500 pieces. Destined to be a future collectors item? Only time can tell.

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