Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey.

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Atelier Wen is a story of two young Frenchmen who care deeply about automatic watchmaking, and see their future as being in the Chinese market. The two men love porcelain, as do the Chinese. So the men are targeting China for their watch creations, and the design as well as manufacturing is being tailored for their target audience. Their first collection of watches offered is the Porcelain Odyssey, and i will devote this article to taking a good look.

The inaugural lineup of the Porcelain Odyssey is obviously inspired by art from China and the Chinese tradition. The Porcelain of China is some of the best and most beautiful in history, and the watchmaking team have put emphasis in the whites and blues that mean so much to the representation of China. The porcelain dials on these new wrist watches are stunning, and several other aspects of the watches make reference to China as well. We will touch on that point later in the article.

As for the watches themselves, they come in at a perfectly medium size. The 39 millimeter stainless steel cases are right there in the sweet spot, and the cases are inspired by the shapes found in French watches of the 1950’s. The crystal on these watches is made of scratch resistant sapphire that offers nice reflections in the light. These watches come with leather straps done in Nanking Blue, and they complete the watches nicely. The casebacks are done in steel, and have an embossed animal steeped in Chinese folklore, Kungpeng, which was used as the inspiration of the logo.

The colors of the dials come in white or blue, and they are made of zirconium oxide. They are porcelain done on thin copper bases and baked at a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius. The end result is a very milk like, warm looking dial that bursts with color. This procedure also assists in keeping the price points under control, and that is awesome for a market such as China. These brothers have every intention of offering something beautiful and pleasant, but attainable at the same time.

These watches are available in two designs. the first is the use of white porcelain dials with blue elements to it to give homage and respect to the porcelains of the Qinghua Ci. The watches also have baked blue leaf shaped hands with stay consistent with the overall look of the watch. The second design is done with a dial in deep blue porcelain, and is named Ji. The name is taken from the Chinese word Jilan. This blue dial features hour dots with baton markers, and has rhodium plated hands.

These watches are powerd by the Cnines made automatic watch movement, Peacock SL3006. The movement has a frequency of 4Hz, and offers a 41 hour power reserve. The price range of these watches is $500 to $550, or in the EUR 450 range. Please go to for more information, and thank you so much for reading my article about the watches with the new porcelain dials. Ciao.

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