The Grönefeld 1941 Principia.

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This is a new watch three years in the making. Tim Gronfeld, and his brother Bart essentially locked themselves away for three years in an effort to create the 1941 Pricipia. The brothers are amazing watchmakers, especially when it comes to making fresh novelties and something for watch lovers to get enthusiastic about. This time they created a watch that has no complications. The 1941 is a straight forward 3 hand automatic, but it is a timepiece that reflects truly fine watch making. When it comes to automatic watches, gravity is important to a successful winding system. It makes certain that the weight transfers motion to the winding system, and due to the fact the the 1941 Principia is the Gronfeld brothers first self winding watch, gravity is their best friend here.

The case for this new automatic is available in stainless steel, 18k red gold, or in 18k white gold. The 1941 Principia is very much in line with the 1941 Remontoire, basically sharing the same dimensions and design. The case measures in at 39.5 millimeters is diameter, and has a fairly thin thickness of 10.5 millimeters. What changes most opposed to watches made by the brothers before the Principia, is the mechanical aspects of the watch. This 1941 Principia has an entirely new movement that is not based on any movement made before it. This is why the brothers needed three years for development time. Even though there are no complications to this movement, the new calibre has 226 parts to it, and has very complicated solutions such as variable inertia balance wheels, and free sprung balance springs.

The watch is technologically unique, and mechanically innovative. The brothers have created a watch movement unique to themselves, and it is something to build on going forward that proudly offers them their own signature in mechanical watchmaking. This is a serious endeavor, and the brothers intend to not limit production of this watch. Its full steam ahead for the 1941 Principia with limitations only being that of capacity to produce. A full variety of colors and materials for the straps are available, and each watch comes with the double axis winder created by Bernard Favre. For the stainless steel, prices start at $34,000, and for the watches done in gold, prices start at $45,000.

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