3 Underdog Wristwatch Brands.

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We live in a world that loves winners, but we also live a world where we love underdogs. As watch lovers, wearing a watch from a not so mainstream firm really is a sign of worldliness, assuming we know our stuff right? so let’s take a good look a 3 watch companies that have underdog status, but who put out some very nice wristwatches.

Baume & Mercier is a very old wqtchmaking company that dates back to 1830. The firm has played a major role over the years in helping the industry shift. The company was one of the first to champion wristwatches over pocket watches in the early 1900’s, and also believed deeply in making watches for women before most watchmakers even thought about it. During he second half of the 1900’s, the company focused its attention on creating balanced, proportioned watches, and its best lines of watches are directly connected to the 50’s and 60’s. It does seem odd that the company basically stopped innovating after the 60’s, but companies get bought and sold, and generations change hands. Outlooks change, and that is how it goes. Being a member of the Richemont group these days. does not inspire much in the way of originality, and innovation. We will just need to see what is next for this underdog firm.

Junghans is probably the most well known German watch company not located at Glashutte. Junghans has also been around for more than 150 years, and makes its home in the legendary Black Forest, just over the Alps from the Jura of Switzerland. The company makes both watches and clocks, and is known for its minimalist approach horology. The timepieces are very clean, and very durable, but have understated, quite looks to them. The brand was a partner of the designer Max Bill, and helped to create some legendary timepieces that are still in demand today. The firm actually became a leader in the world of quartz watches and later on did the same with radio watches. Its Meister and Max Bill watch lines are still popular around the world, and still offer awesome quality in their products.

As for Longines, this is another compant that has been around since the 1830’s. During its early years, the firm was very innovative, not only on horology, but in solving the giant problems that exist with factory building, harnessing electricity from rivers to power a business, and other things. During the 20th century, the company gained the reputation for being a very accurate timekeeper fr sporting events, as well as being an amazing watchmaker for aviators. The company is now a member of the Swatch Group, and does not do much in the area of innovation these days that i can ascertain. The company still does well because of its long heritage, and very well established name, but we will need to see going forward if the firm can manage any breakthroughs in technology. I certainly hope so. I have read many stories about the creation of Longines, and i suggest you do as well if you love to read. Thanks for checking out my article, and have a great day.

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