50 Years TAG Heuer Monaco.

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2019 is hear, and it is the 50th anniversary of a very iconic wristwatch. The Heuer Manaco in 50 years old now, and at the time of its birth, the opinions of the watch varied. The watch was launched in Geneva and New York City at the same time, and reviews were less than stellar. The watch was very radical in its design and style, and the shock level was high. The dial was metallic blue. The hands were red and blue. The watch case was square, and the crown was on the left side of the watch. So yes it was without a doubt a watch that was a acquired taste, and it the beginning, it went a bit sour.

However, here we are 50 years later, and the now named TAG Heuer firm is celebrating the anniversary with the release of new versions of the model at events around the globe. The Monaco took its name from the well known Formula 1 Grand Prix at Monaco. The watch is the official watch of the Monaco Top Cars Collection, and has very close ties to automobile clubs in Monaco. 50 years ago, when launched, the watch has the first ever water proof square case. The watch also offered the very first automatic chronograph.
It was the Calibre 11, and the movement took three years to develop as a collaboration with Hamilton and Breitling.

At the time, the CEO of the firm was Jack Heuer, and believe it or not, he did not like the watch. Yet in his mind were the amazing innovations, and design creativity of the watch, and he felt that slowly but surly the watch would win an audience. The Monaco watch did just that. The watch remained in the collection, gained a following, and yes the rest is history. after 50 years the watch is being remembered at events all over Europe, the USA, and Asia. Even a book has been written about the watch, and the book does a great job of highlighting the technical achievements of the watch as well as the history of the life of the watch, and how its iconic reputation was earned. The name of the book is Paradoxical Superstar.

Watch expert and writer Gisbert Brunner wrote a chapter in the book about the technical breakthroughs that gave the Monaco its success. Then the relationship with Steve McQueen was touched on in chapter 3 by Michael Clerizo. Last but not least, Prince Albert II of Monaco authored the forward to the book. That is amazing. please check out the new releases at TAG Heuer online, and have a great week.

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