The Tudor Black Bay P01.

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This new Tudor Black Bay P01 watch has been getting mixed reviews online, and it is a bit of a different watch than was expected, but the watch is legit. It is a Tudor, and a very well made Tudor at that. Sometimes a watch needs a while to be properly accepted, and maybe this is such a watch, but in this article i will do my best to outline this new release, from a watch brand that i have immense respect for. The watch is named as a prototype 1, and is somewhat faithful to the original Black Bay.

The case measures in at 42 millimeters in diameter, and is 2 millimeters larger than the original. The feel of the watch is that it is too long, and not easy to conceal when worn. Yet this is obviously a watch that is not meant to be discreet. This is a watch intended to be used out in the open, not hidden beneath a dress shirt cuff at the office.

Its a dive watch that was originally developed back in the 1960’s with the idea of making it available to the United States Navy, however the design was shelved and did not come to fruition at that time. Like other Black Bay models, the watch has snowflake hands, but has markers printed on the dial, instead of markers filled with lume. This gives the watch a different feel that many would find surprising. The case is completely brushed having a linear grain, and sharp 90 degree edges.

The crown has chunky guards, and they have a rough hewn. The crystal on the watch is sapphire, and is quite scratch resistant. The watch is powered by the Tudor MT5612 in house movement, and as always the movement is amazing for the price that Tudor asks for its watches. The movement offers a 70 hour power reserve, and has the COSC chronometer certification. The date can be set any time of day with no restrictions.

For the first time ever, Tudor is offering a leather, rubber hybrid strap which is truly excellent for using with a dive watch. the strap is water resistant, and the watch goes down up to 200 meters in depth.
Yes this watch is different than one would expect, and i am not sure if the watch will do as well as other Black Bay line offerings, but the watch is unique, and who knows? Change is good sometimes, and maybe after divers are exposed to this watch for six months, everything may change. The watch retails at $3750, which is a great price for a Tudor, and should be available this coming July 2019.

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