Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition.

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For more than three years now, Oris has been working closely with the Reef Restoration Foundation in an effort to increase awareness of consistent depletion of our Great Barrier Reef. It’s obvious that Oris has a deep and heavy commitment to this cause, and also that Oris is a watch company that cares deeply about our planet’s oceans and seas. Therefore Oris has released a new dive watch in honor of the Great Barier Reef. This watch will serve as the first release in a series of watches name the Oceans Project. Oris intends to ramp up this project, and take it to the next tier using more products and incentives going forward.

This new watch serves well to mark the launch of this new Oceans Project, and the timepiece leaves a strong visual impression on people the moment they see it. The oceans of the world are represented well in the crystal blue ocean colored watch dial, and the way light reflects off of the watch is very similar to the way light reflects off of the oceans blue. The aqua blue color chosen for the watch really does convey depth, in part because of the date ring and the applied indices. The new owner will love the running seconds at the 9 o’clock. It allows the diver to be sure the watch is functioning before a dive. Let’s not forget, dive watches are serious, and they protect divers during their dives.

Many watch brands make it a point to partner up with causes that they believe in, and sometimes it does not feel so authentic. With Oris, that is not the case. Oris seems very sincere in its efforts to save the oceans, and help to reverse some of the damage that has been done. The Great Barrier Reef watch is a timepiece, but it is also a reminder that we have some work to do, and we have some nature to protect. The watch should be released by June or July, and will retail for about $2000. Take a look at Oris’ website, and check out the watch. you will love the dial; of that i am sure.

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