The New Monta Atlas GMT.

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Monta has something new to offer watch lovers, and they have done a great job of blending the best of its various watch lines, into one very good timepiece. Monra’s new Atlas watch in the company’s 4th collection of watches, and it offers a new and improved take in its GMT movement. The Atlas watch also combines the elements of existing products in a way that becomes both distinctive and manages to maintain the company’s solid indie brand. These are watches that offer quality for the price, and Monta is gaining a great reputation for doing just that.

Those watch lovers who already love Monta, now have another sweet model to behold. This watch has the GMT complication, and it tracks another time zone using the 24 hour format. There was a tie when a GMT watch was mostly for world travelers, but these days with our global economy, and 24 hour a day internet existence, the GMT watches are used for much more than just travel. Ant time zone sensitive business of personal relationship benefits from the use of solid GMT providing devices.

Just the same the Skyquest GMT by Monta, is much different than their other models, the Atlas is not just a GMT watch. The brushed bezel and 24 hour ring, with its sporty highlighted colors, help to differentiate this model from the firm’s others. Even more so is the white dial. No Monta watch before the Atlas was ever offered with a white dial. However the other dials available are done in black or blue. This Atlas watch is plenty of timepiece for the money, and retail for about $1400 with a rubber strap, or 1600 with a stainless steel bracelet. These intro prices are not forever, so it may be a good time for you to jump on Monta’s website, and take a good hard look.

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